Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How and with whom you should celebrate?

Shafeen enjoying himself

There are many big and small celebrations in our life. We want to enjoy it as much as possible. These are the colors of our life. Let me give you some tips about with whom and how you can celebrate these days.

In marriage anniversary, your all plan has to be with your spouse. It will be good if you could keep busy your kids with other thing and have some quality time with your spouse. You can take them out and give some gift. You can go to any memorable place related with your marriage. You can also make some food by your own hand. Give him/her a surprise… give only joy them (most of the Bangladeshi don’t care about it)

For father’s day and mother’s day, you should plan to enjoy with your father or mother. If possible try to bring all of your siblings and parents in one place to enjoy. It could be at your home or outside where you all have some memory. Give some gift to your father or mother (according to the day). If all can’t come together then you can give time alone with your parent. Taken them out and have some quality time, where you will talk only about their life.

Birthday celebration is world know event to enjoy. If a group of people are known to the birthday person, you can arrange a simple get together with all of you. If you want to celebrate it alone with the birthday person, then make some time when there won’t be any birthday program (may be afternoon) and take them out with you, alone you two can have some good time to enjoy the day. And a gift and cake is a must…

If you ask me did you enjoy this way. My answer is I want to and expect to… J
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