Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You are using clean road because someone else didn’t make it dirt

photo credit: Shafeen

Most of the inhabitants of this mega city Dhaka are from outside of Dhaka. And among them, most of them are from very rural area. Where they didn't have to face any city problem and didn't have to maintain city life. I mean there are some extra cares you need to take in your work in city life. These people came in the city, then rent or buy flat and start their city life…

In Dhaka there are many roads which are very narrow that only 1 or 2 car can pass carefully. For nearby work place you may like to walk on those roads. And while walking you will face, someone may dropped house hold dirt or kitchen dirt on the road, they might became rotted. You have to always careful with every footstep, and also which are coming from upwards. Suddenly you might find someone threw egg shells or chicken bone on your head. What it is? You are not in rural area anymore that you can throw anything anywhere. You have to use dustbin for dirt. Windows are not for throwing dirt.

They might think, they don’t use that road or road cleaner will clean the road once, so they can do this kind of attitude regularly. Listen carefully. When you use a clean road, you feel good. And remember, it was clean because I didn’t throw any dirt over there. Be clean, not inside your home. Also the road you or others use. 
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