Thursday, April 17, 2014

Handle lie and misunderstanding

I always faced problem and still facing with lie and misunderstanding. Still couldn't make any solution. Whenever I fall in trap of lie or misunderstanding, my heart breaks, I just become silent, nothing to prove the truth, no effort for solution. I don’t feel any strength to fight for me and my reputation. Because I don’t say worse side (even when it’s true) about others, people say many things about me. Well, it’s their nature, and they like to do this. When any of my well wisher believes those lie or misunderstands that dishearten me. My heart says, “You know me for many days, why did you believe this kind of word about me”. That makes me stop again. If you believe those things about me, then you don’t need to keep communication with me. Stay happy with distance.

History repeats. Now, my son is facing these problems. I never could protect or save myself from lie and misunderstanding, how can I help my son? Good news is he is not like me. He tells them”it’s a lie, I didn’t do this.” Though people don’t believe him, but at least he raises his voice. I tried to help him as much as I could. I tells them, what happened, now if they don’t take it what else I can do. I hope someday my son will find out how to prevent lie and misunderstanding. 
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