Friday, April 18, 2014

Money saving package tour, does it worth?

Shafeen is in a restaurant at Saint Martin’s Island. The restaurant accommodation was poor, but hospitality and food was good. Photo credit: Shafeen

There are three ways of travel. One is luxury, another one is travel in cheap (as much as possible) and finally medium (I mean expend as much as you can bear). When you travel with a travel company (if it’s not a luxury tour) they will try to make accommodation everything as cheap as possible (they want to make profit as much as they can). So, they will keep you in a hotel, where you might not go generally, feed you in such a restaurant, where you never thought to eat anything. They will travel all night (to reduce hotel cost) and will make quick view of places (as much as possible in a day). They won’t let to stay anywhere whether it is Himalayan or a temple.

It’s always better to go by your own management and make happy tour.
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