Saturday, November 29, 2014

We need to make people aware to use tissue for their cough

In Bangladesh now more than one company are producing Tissues. Any where you go, you will tissue boxes (facial) are available. People use tissues for various purposes. Like to wipe sweat, clean hands or face etc. But they don't use for their cold (not much people).

Whenever our country's weather became little colder, on the street and everywhere you will see people spited their cough. They don't care about germs or cleanness. The only thing is to throw it (spit it) any where they can (on stairs, lift, baranda, roof, tree etc). So, many people get affected. From them again they are become sick... the process continues...

We need to teach our kids to use tissue for cough and then keep it with them till they found any bin to drop it. And also we need to make people aware in our Medias. We have to improve our situations.
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