Sunday, December 14, 2014

Following other

When a baby born, it started following others. This attitude helps them to learn quickly. Though this is not a good attitude for elders. If they start following other without thinking whether it is good or bad then soon they will become brainless. 

Another attitude both kid and elder has. They like the thing, which is already chosen by other. To the kid, no matter how good or interesting thing you give, they will always like to have what other kid hold. Same goes for elders, if one women color their hair like blond all will like to follow her, without considering whether that color will suit her or not. If one man bought new jacket then others will start looking for it. They won't think, whether that is needed by them or not.

These situation goes for car for both kids and elders. If one had new car then others.... you can see how jealous other became :)
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