Friday, December 20, 2013

Education, not only to read and write, also to have the capability of thinking

In this world we have many problems. Drug, Cold area, poor, food, flood, dry, global warming, destroying plants and animals, dishonesty, war, water, political crisis etc. We are trying to solve all with many policies. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes not; sometimes we get success little bit. But we are trying, may be very few people are trying and all are getting the benefit but we can’t stop for the sake of mankind.

A slow and very powerful solution is education. Education means not only the capability of reading and writing, also the capability of thinking. Education should teach a human to thing about right and wrong and duties. A person should be brave enough to do the right thing and spend their life with honesty.

It may take long to time to educate people, especially in 3rd world countries. But if we have patient and continue to educate people, some day we will see the huge benefit to the world.
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