Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Taking other culture’s activity

Me, in Nepali dress, at Darjeeling

In this world, there people, from many culture. Some don’t mind if a woman sat on any man’s lap open in bar, some don’t like if a woman and man talk with each other openly. In some culture, people kill other people directly and show the body of the victim open to all. In some culture they torture, kill and do all kind of harm inside jail, not open, not in front of general people.

Mainly, the culture, people try to follow is who are economically came in a good stage and who are very entertaining in media. But still people like to hold their own culture too, no matter where they go or where they live. This is becoming very difficult. Now a day media and communication are very good and fast. People can easily see and know about other side of world’s news and other activity. Which are directly influencing them.

Taking other cultures good things (which is good for human) is good. And taking bad habit is always bad. For example, long time back some people took bad habit to take cigarette from South America which finally became very bad method for health. On that moment they thought it is for pleasure only. But finally, this habit spreader to all communities of the world and no matter how hard we want, really difficult to get rid of it.

So, when we start to follow any other cultural activity, we should think first, in the long run, will it be good for us? That may help us to reduce following bad activity.
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