Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We should place flowers everywhere for beautification

This picture is from cell phone’s given images

When you woke up and see someone kept flower beside your bed, it will just make your day with smile. Any moment can be really beautiful with some flowers. A house or a room cannot be complete its beautification without flowers or plants. It can change an ordinary room to elegant. In shop or market you will feel good if you see plants or flowers over there. Same happens in your workplace, hospital etc. Though in hospitals, flowers are not allowed for the safety of the patient. But flower plants can be placed outside of the hospital means garden area. When a patient will look at those flowers through window they will feel better. When you ride a car or walk, if you see the road became colorful with flowers. It will cherish your mind. So, for any beautification we should think to put some flower for a health mind.
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