Saturday, December 28, 2013

You can became fan of Facebook, with little concern

Photo credit: Shafeen (my 5 years old son)

Because of our social network sites and messengers we came to close with many different people from different country. For example, you are a fan of a cricketer. You want to know, all information about him. Want to talk with him. Generally it’s not possible. Through Facebook (a social media site) you may get connected with this cricketer. You can subscribe, like his page or became friend of him (if you are lucky enough). So, then you don’t have to wait for his latest news on news paper or news channels. You can have it from his Facebook page, which may give by himself directly. Here you can comment on it (if possible). Also you can like or share his news. From you your friends may get to know about the cricketer’s news and they can also like and share. Because of this reason, I became fan of Facebook.

This way you can see and show all information that you want to share to all friends around the world. There are many negative side is with this. The most common problem is people can easily make fake id, fake info about them. It shows how there is mentality. One thing you just have to remember always. Everything can fake on net. So, don’t believe anything, anyone, any info on net.
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