Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Bangladeshi people support Brazil football team?


First, I must ensure you that I am not a Brazil supporter. I really don’t understand why so many Bangladeshi people support Brazil football team. There is no relation with Brazilian football with Bangladesh. Then what could be the reason?

I have asked this question to my cousin brother. He supports Brazil. I asked him, why do you support Brazil? What makes you like them so much?

He replied, in our school text book there was (I don’t whether it is there or not now) an article on Pele, the magician of football. So, from childhood people start liking Brazil football.

Now, if you ask me why don’t I like Brazil? Answer is I hate Brazil supporter’s attitude. Because of their activity, somehow anti-brazil feeling created in me…

Anyway I didn’t have problem for putting sticker of Brazil flag on my son’s hand, because he got it free from a chocolate. J
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