Thursday, December 4, 2014

Safe place for us

Photo credit: Tameem

We always want a safe place for us and our beloved persons. Actually as a well wisher, we want this for all living things. So, we catch birds and keep it in the cage. Then give them food, water and talk or sing with them. Then we felt good that we gave them a good place to live. Is it so? I guess birds don't think so. They want to fly in the sky and live on a tree without any problem. That's the best place for them. Same we do with animals. We think we are saving them and giving them a happy life. Where we are actually destroying their life.

Is that it? NO, we do this for human too. Actually we don't know which place is the best for one. If I think about our country (Bangladesh), I had face bad food, too much crowd, traffic jam, people don't care about the benefit of the society, education problem, health problem etc.

Now if I choose live in a better country then what might happen. My son may face drug problem, violence at school, he might had to live in too cold area, we may had no friends to give us time, loneliness may hit us, we may face trouble to perform our native culture etc.

Then where to go? But still we had see all plus and minus points and decide which might be the best solution for us. We may take wrong decision but we have to live with that.
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