Thursday, June 21, 2012

When you say, say well about the person

Generally what we do? We meet people, we discuss about others, and off course we say or give bad info about others. And people felt happy, when they say and hear something wrong about others. Why is this? Do you like to have same thing happen with you too? You will say, I didn’t do anything like that. Yes, maybe you didn’t but you must have done something else, and people can talk about that.

When I was in Dhaka University, as a student, I found a girl named Zeba, is totally different with this kind of attitude. I have seen she always says good things about people. I surprise, to see that, when anybody does anything good or just say any good comment to other. She tells this to other person. Those people get to know that someone is talking good about them. And they became good friends. Everywhere she was giving the positive energy.

I wanted to grab this good attitude, from then I have stopped saying any bad comments about others. No matter how true they are. I started hide others bad things and say only about good things. I don’t lie, but only those truths. It really makes me happy.
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