Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Which is more powerful?

Me and Shafeen in front of Victoria memorial, talking. 

What is more powerful to change anything, Fear? Because of fear people may do many things. But still there are some changes which you can’t change or keep by fear, then? I think love. You are laughing, right? Yes, I think love has the strongest power. Because of love people willingly do many things which may even harmful for them. But they don’t care or nothing can stop them. They will do everything for love with pleasure.

Let’s give you a simple example. When you try to make understand your kid, which power works better? When you make them do anything by giving fear of anything, they may do it, but they won’t do it happily and after some time they won’t feel fear about it. Also they will get many bad impressions. But when you make them understand with love, they will listen always, and will have respect and love for you and other. Good for everyone. It may not be easy, to make understand by love, but it worth it.
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