Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take some leisure time too, to enjoy everything.

Shafeen relaxing at Cox's Bazaar

You can only feel the value of your leisure when you are deep in your work. At those moments you will like to take breath in fresh air, have some relax time, enjoy time without any tension. You will wish to continue your leisure time for the rest of your life

But if you continue like that you won’t enjoy anything. Things will be boring, you might look for something more exciting and nothing can satisfy you.

These go for food too. You can’t only live with rich food/junk food. Take traditional and healthy one regularly to enjoy other food which you might take occasionally.

So, concentrate on your work, do productive work, eat good food (not only tasty one), which will help you have a good life with a good health. And yes, take some leisure time too, to enjoy everything.
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