Friday, August 15, 2014

How important parent’s love are

I was watching a TV program, where an 18 years old boy was working in a gold mining section. But due to camera and other negative or unsuccessful things (not getting enough gold) made him rude and scared. He started misbehave with everyone. He wanted stop his work. He couldn’t concentrate or work properly. Things were getting worse day by day. Others started thinking, this is becoming impossible to continue work here…

The director of that TV program asked for help. Then, without notifying that boy his parents arrived. He loved to see them and for the first time he started laughing. He showed his equipments and big vehicle to his parents. They tried to run those and enjoyed his work. And when he became relax, his parent told him to focus on the positive side of every work. Negative things will always be there, he had to focus on the positive ones.

Then they left. But situation changed dramatically. The boy starts laughing and make very good friendly attitude to all. They started work and the boy found big amount of gold.

The total successful things happen only by small love of the parent.
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