Thursday, September 11, 2014

Experience with watches

Shafeen with his Ben10 alien watch

After arriving “personal computer”, technology started changing very frequently. Every day you will see some new addition added in our simple electronics goods.

When I was a school student, we didn't have permission to bring or use calculator and watch in school. When I was studying at class 8, some of my friends use to bring watch (mainly for fashion) in school. But we all remember the rule so; in Physical exam or something like that we must not wear any watch. In our exam day we were waiting in the class. I felt really bore so I took watches from 7/8 girls and wear it on my hand at a time. Just for fun.

After some time I forget about my watch’s full hand and our teacher came. First she called me to come to her for viva exam. I stood on my place and suddenly realize my hand is full of watches. I asked our teacher, please give me one minute. I started removing my watches, and it was taking time. My teacher said, I have seen what you are doing, no need to hide, come here. On that moment, I had 2 watches in my hand. I went her and give my exam, everybody was laughing… that was really funny, because she didn't cut my number for our rule.

Now a day play group students wear watches. Though the understand nothing. My son (who is in nursery now) has 3 watches, one is digital, another has pin to show time and another one is Ben10 alien watch. Well, last one is a toy…
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