Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Story of a marriage life

I am talking about a working woman. She has 5 kids. Four of them get born while she was doing job. She was miscarriage one kid (because of work pressure). She left her job before second kid admitted in school. So, actually her kids don’t remember much how she managed her life. Here I must say, as she was a working woman she had to maintain her family financially, physically (by taking care of kid, cooking, cleaning etc) and mentally (support all and taking decisions). As she had to keep busy outside at day time other family members got lot of time to create problem in her life. The common situations were telling many negative things about her to her husband (as usual this effected her marriage life), not taking care of her kids properly (didn’t give proper food, no company etc), misbehave with her family members if they come to visit etc. She wished to get rid of these by changing her home or left the job but none of them was possible because of financial situation. Later she got chance to work outside from her country. After one year she manages to bring her family to her place. So, almost after 6 years she truly felt what a marriage life is. How a woman can live happy with husband, kids and work.
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