Friday, August 31, 2012

Shafeen’s carrier

Shafeen in his carrier, at 6 months old

After Shafeen’s born, I had faced really tough time. I have to keep him, clean him, feed him, make food for him, wash the dishes for him, and wash our cloths and other activities. And Shafeen didn’t want to let his mother go anywhere. I didn’t know how to manage all. I thought if I brought a carrier then he will be with me and I can work. I tried… but it was very difficult for me manage… So, I had to do both work and keep him in my lap.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Girls are crazy for my son

My handsome son

Few days back I went to an office for some work, my son Shafeen (3 and half years old) was with me. I had to stand on a queue. After me a woman came with her daughter. In height she was little smaller than my son, her head was clean shaved (very usual scenario in Bangladesh), in one hand she was holding a chips packet and in other hand she was eating the chips.

I couldn’t keep my son stand in a place for a minute, he was running to other place and come back to me, jumping to see how the men are working in the table, wanted to work like them, trying to work on behalf of me etc. But he didn’t disturb anyone. I didn’t remove my eye from him. Well another person didn’t remove eye from him too, that little girl. When Shafeen stand beside and keep talking and jumping, that girl suddenly softly touched my son and keep stand with her mom. My son didn’t noticed, I told Shafeen that the baby wants to talk with you. Shafeen looked at her for some second, and then replied she is not talking. I said, she is too small to talk. Then shafeen again went back in his playing. The girl then took a piece of chips and hold in front of my son. I asked Shafeen the baby is now offering you chips. Shafeen looked at her; he was trained not to eat anything from a stranger, so he didn’t touch the chips. I told him, tell the baby, that your stomach is full so you won’t eat anything now. But my son isn’t strong enough to deny a lady in front of her. So, he kept quite. But the girl listened to me, so she took her hand back and put the chips into her mouth and again keep eating.

Hey, I was just making fun, I know, children always wants to play with another children.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shafeen got a cap from Tameem

Shafeen tasting his cap at 6 months old

Shafeen with his cap at 5 months old

This (you can see in the picture) beautiful cap Shafeen got from his cousin brother Tameem. Shafeen liked this golden colored cap very much.

Monday, August 27, 2012

JanSport Mesh Backpack

Shafeen with backpack, in 2 years

If you are looking for JanSport Mesh Backpack then I will try to give you some information in this article. If you search online, you will see JanSport Mesh Backpack has some different price range. Like $23.92 - $42.95 etc. Some companies provide discounts on selected items. On that way you might find JanSport Mesh Backpack in lower price. You can choose and buy directly from their website too.

There are several kinds of JanSport mesh backpack available. You can check those from their website or in other site too. They have polyester construction in bags. The JanSport mesh backpack is durable and breathable. It has a large main compartment with huge space. In front, there is a utility compartment which has an organizer to keep your essentials things handy. It has hanging pockets to keep your valuable things safely, with padded shoulder strap which is helpful to hold load on shoulder. It has safe zipper closer.

They have available transparent bags, so you can see through it. This is very good for school kids, so that they won’t carry any harmful things. These bags are good for also gym and pool; you can take there every day.

In their collection they have nylon bags too. You will find all those bags in different colors and style. Everybody adores those.

If you like those bags you can subscribe in their site. Then if they add any new product or any new offer, you will get to know about it through email.

Some company’s offers free coupons or free shipping on those bags. In sale some companies give 50% to 70% off. Some offers 25% off for one day etc.

Backpack’s design and colors indicates for who this bag is. Like for girls, boys or school going kids etc. Before buying anything you should check first, whether they ship to your country or not, because some companies only do shipping inside US.

JanSport has years of experience on producing backpacks. Even some of us didn’t born on those days may be.

We can use backpack in many ways. You can carry your things even when you are going to amusement park, zoo, stadium or every day swimming. Bag size is perfect to hold all your necessary things. As these are mesh, when you put few things in it, you can keep it small and compact. No need to make it in full size. These bags are very easy to put in the washing machine for cleaning.

These bags don’t have extra staff that will make its price high. These are just simple and perfect. Those are very helpful to enjoy your life’s exciting adventures. These bags are very comfortable. They are working on these bags for last 40 years.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shafeen at his own bathtub, he was six months and 9 days old

My son

Shafeen in his own bathtub, he was six months and 9 days old. If he doesn’t hold the bowl he will drop in the water.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Small Mesh Backpack

If you need a small mesh backpack in cheap, you can search online. Then you will find various kinds of small mesh backpack in cheap price, actually in different price and offers. You can order online whatever you like.

Or if you like brand companies small mesh backpack then you can search on brand company names also. These kind of bags are little expensive. But they maintain good quality and generally gives you warranty. This helps you in the long run.

In some website they give you option to calculate your small mesh backpack pricing with shipping cost and taxes just by entering your zip code (for US citizen only). This is very easy way to calculate the total pricing for your small mesh backpack. So, that you can easily get to know, whether total pricing will adjust with your budget or not. There won’t be any hidden cost.

Some companies give you offer that they will give you free shipping on order more than $99. If you buy many things at a time, then this kind of offer will really help you. Some company gives 20% off on most product and free shipping over $49 order. Some offers gift certificates.

When you search you will find different colored backpack. You can choose according to your choice or your child’s choice. You can also choose bags according to customer ratings too. Even you can search online according to your budget, which means you can search on price too. So, you will get bags which are with your budget, so that you can pick anything from them. And you don’t have to worry about adjusting with your budget.

If you like the site with information and products you can subscribe them by submitting your email. So, if that site added any new product or declare any new offer, they will email and inform to you immediately.

These small backpacks are very helpful for any place, like school, gym, beach or pool etc. It’s easy to carry and shift from one place to another. You will find some bags have embroidered design. These are suitable for baby girls. On some bags you will see the pictures of owl, dragon or other funny cartoon characters. You can choose from them according to your kid’s interest.

Before ordering from online, you must consider one thing, whether that company provides shipping in your area or not. You should check the quality of the small backpack also before buying it for your kid. It should last for and a year at least. You know your child will be hard on it.

Before making any online money transaction, you should check the site whether it is verified or not. That will reduce cheating online.

Some companies give free personalize offer. This is a great offer. You can personalize your bags materials, color, monogram according to your choice and budget. So, you can make your bag as you want or as your kids want. You will find some companies has years of experience in making backpack. You can trust them than others.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zebra Mesh Backpack

If you like zebra design, and put that design in everywhere you like even with your mesh backpack, and then you will be happy that zebra mesh backpack is available where the backpack available. You can search online, or can go physically to the shops to check verities and other offers. In some websites you can calculate taxes and shipping charges too. So, offers are really helpful sometimes.

In some website you can personalize the design of your zebra mesh backpack. Some companies provide cheap zebra mesh backpack. You can search all kind of offers online. You will see there are huge collection of designs are available in backpack. You will find difference in colors, design, fabrics etc.

Some companies print monograms of children’s school on the backpack. Some companies provide international shipping, so you can order from anywhere you want. You will see different design in zebra mesh backpack for different people. Like for girls, boys or Childs.

Price differences of these bags are not huge. Like $6 to $50. Zebra mesh backpack is good for school, camping, even if you are going shopping with your kid you can take your kids’ stuff in your zebra mesh backpack, so, that your two hands will be free to hold your kid and do your own work.

If you like, you can buy handmade bags too. Those are little expensive but more comfortable. Some mesh backpacks are clear (you can see through it) that you can use it in schools. This clear bag avoidscarrying any harmful thing with the bag. These bags also look very cute.

Before buying anything from online, you can check the user’s reviews. That will help you to choose the products. Though now a day, reviews can be brought but some are real. You will understand that after reading them. You can bring from those companies who provides customer supports.

Some companies provides 50% off in shipping charges, some gives free shipping and 20% off in selective design. But you can’t wait for these offers. When you buy, whatever offers available you have to pick from them, especially when your child’s school going time arrives. Some offers 20% off on $50 order;some gives 40% off for summer clearance.

On web in some website you can search backpack by category, price or brands. Those are really very helpful. If you like any website and their products you can subscribe them by your email. So that if any new product they add or if they have any special offer, they will email to you. These are also very helpful. In summer some companies give 15% off with free shipping.

Generally zebra backpack has one big chained pocket in front and 3 open pocket inside. Two mesh pocket and padded strap which are adjustable with polyester materials. These bags are very eye catching, with adjustable straps. Some are covered with water resistance cloths. Even some has CD or MP3 player pocket with a port for headphone. Some has cell phone pocket with the shoulder strap. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shafeen’s potty training

Shafeen’s potty training going on, he was 5 months 20 days old.

I have started potty training to Shafeen when he was 5 months old. And how poor trainer I am that he never did in potty. Finally he started using toilet, because I told him if he messes up in the room he won’t have permission to use computer. And bingo! It worked.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mesh Backpack

If your kids are in school or about to go to school then you must be thinking for them a bag. Before buying a Mesh backpack you must consider some issues. Like,

First, does your child’s school have any especial rule on backpack, because you have to follow the school rule first, before doing anything? Some school suggests that they need that kind of bags where they can see through, what the children are carrying. These kinds of bags could be plastic or Mesh backpack. These schools are worried about carrying any offensive things by the children. Those schools, who don’t want these kinds of transparent bags, have some kind of scanning system to check children’s bags.

Then you need to think, how much your child needs to carry to school. If your child is in kindergarten, then they will need to carry light things and if your child is in high school then they might need to carry laptop and big books with them. So, you need to choose your child’s mesh backpack lighter or big according to their need.

You might also ask to your child too, you can let your child choose, what they want, under your supervision. You should listen to your child’s choice too when you are buying mesh backpack. But you know if your nursery going child wants a big mesh backpack, actually they won’t be able to use it. So, your guidance is always needed.

You know, you need your mesh backpack in cheap, but in good quality. Because your child will use it and it will be used like a chewing toy of a dog. So, quality is a very important factor for you and also you don’t want to make any hole on your money bag. So, you just need to do little research on shops or online. Some companies provides tax free sales, you can buy from them. That might reduce your cost 8% to 10%.

You can choose from Brand Company’s bag too. They give warranties. That might be helpful in the long run.

Whatever you do, before buying any bag, you should check about your child’s safety first. You child may need to carry the bag with lots of books. So, it will give pressure on their shoulder. So, you should check its shoulders straps first. Some bags give supports on hips too. That will be helping them to hold their load. Poor shoulder strap may cause harm in the long run to your child.

Another thing you should also consider, do not buy too fancy stylish backpack. You know your child grows very fast. If you buy one, which can be very cool at the beginning of the class but at the end of the year, your child will grow up. Then they won’t like that childish design.

After buying the bag you should teach your child how to use mesh backpack, how to fit the shoulder strap and hip belt. So, that bag will bit well fitted with the body and won’t hard your kid at any way. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Shafeen liked flower a lot

Shafeen was 5 months and 19 days old, watching flower design on bed plastic     

When Shafeen was few months old, he liked flowers a lot. Even whenever he saw any flower like design, he started observing it and touches it. Now a day he also likes flower, to tear it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everyone is buying flats in Dhaka city

When we see everyone is buying flat in Dhaka city and ensuring a home in this mega city, we can assume people has lots of money. And we start thinking it’s very easy to buy a flat. Just give money and get the flat. Well, in the advertisement, developing companies also says so, but actually it’s not.

Thousands of problems people faces when they buy a flat. Sometimes they pay and then flat builds. There is no time limit to build a house. Some flat developing works goes on and on. And never finishes.

In some case you a brought flat then found their papers are not OK or not ready to sale.

Sometimes you find that the condition of the flat isn’t good, again you have to invest money on color, floor, bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings etc.

Finally the price, it grows on and on, very difficult to win the race with it. If you are thinking you will save money and buy a flat… then it’s really very difficult.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shafeen needs a new toy

Shafeen with his new toy car

Whenever I go out with Shafeen he doesn’t let me come back without buying a new toy. Especially car toy. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Did you get your Eid Dress?


Still, I didn't get my Eid dress. But my husband promised he will gave me one before Eid day.

You know, in my child hood and I have also heard from my mom that in her childhood, they use to brought Eid dress and hide it till Eid day, that no one won’t be able to see it before Eid. Because Eid dress has to be brand new and nobody will see it before Eid. For long time I knew that this is our culture… but when I was in upper class in school this tradition changed. Now a day kids brought dresses and show to their friends and family, to see what they got…

When I was a child I mean I was in primary school, I use to see after Eid, that all children are talking about how many dresses they got this year, some says 2, some 3 or some 4. I always keep quite in this kind of conversation, because I always got one dress in Eid.

But, may be Allah see this happens with me. Now a day my son gets 7 to 9 dresses in Eid. We gave one then his all uncles and aunts, grandfather and grandmother gives… so he gets a lot. So, for the rest of the year we don’t need to buy any dress for my son for outing.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Shafeen chose his walker by himself

Shafeen at Prince Bazar, choosing his baby walker

We brought a walker for Shafeen when he was just 5 months and 10 days old. He chose his walker by himself. He liked the yellow color walker from Prince Bazar, ring road, Shamoly.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Invitation for Iftar should come one after another.

Today I felt that iftar invitations should come one after another, so that you can take rest all those days and when your day comes, you cook food for iftar. Otherwise you don’t have any day for rest, every day you have to prepare iftar and again one day you have to make iftar for your guests. A woman who has a small kid knows very well how difficult it is.

Friday, August 10, 2012

When Shafeen started crawling

Shafeen crawling on the bed

Shafeen crawling 

These pictures had taken when Shafeen started crawling. When I took these pictures, he was only 5 months and 1 day old.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I found a joke about married life


A person to doctor: Is there any medicine for long life..?
Doctor: Get married..!!
Person: Will it help?
Doctor: No, but it will avoid such thoughts!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shafeen’s roof tour

Faisal and shafeen

Shafeen and Faisal

Shafeen and Faisal

Shafeen on my lap

Shafeen was very happy on my lap

When Shafeen (my son) was few months old, I use to take him 2 places for his outing; one is in front of the house, another one is the roof. Here (when this picture has taken), he was just 5 months old.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Frozen foods always help me in crisis

Dia (my youngest sister’s daughter) and Shafeen (my son) is cooking

At the second day of this month I went to the shopping mall Agora at Shantinagar Circle. There I got to know that if I brought 3 packets of Brac chicken item, then I can get a Tiffin box. I liked the offer and brought chicken nugget, chicken sausages and chicken burger patties. My husband Faisal told me that for the Tiffin box I had brought some unnecessary things. But I know, in every problem, these frozen foods became very helpful.

Yesterday I became very sick. I was too weak to wake up from bed. Whole day I took rest and at Iftar I fried all nuggets and chicken patties. I took iftar with these foods, fruits and rooh afza. My son also liked them. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New sleeping time for Ramadan

Shafeen, Tameem and Dia (feeling sleepy)

In Bangladesh, we woke up for Sehri at 3am in the month of Ramadan. So, people (like me) who use to go for sleep at 12am and woke up for Fajr prayer at 4.30 started having problem in sleep time. I had to go to bed at 1:30 and woke up for Sehri at 2:30am, then after fajr prayer again go to sleep at 4am and woke up at 10am. This way I faced lot of trouble. I couldn’t sleep properly, all day I felt sleepy and couldn’t complete all of my daily work as planned.

So, now I changed a bit (with a small boy, it’s really difficult to make any sleep plan). I go to bed at 9.00 pm and woke up 2:30am. I told Shafeen (my 3 and half years old son) I am going to sleep, when you felt sleepy just go to sleep. Whenever he comes to sleep, I woke up and take him to toilet and take him to sleep. Now I am feeling much better. I can sleep properly and get more work time (starts after fajr prayer). I can work on pc properly because early in the morning my son sleeps deeply, so no fighting with him for PC.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girls, sometimes you should treat yourself too

Shafeen with his favorite drink (milk)

In Bangladesh, I have seen girls always cook good food and decorate it for her husband, child or other family members, but never for herself. If nobody there at home to eat, she will give her minimal effort to cook, or won’t cook at all. Why all good food for others, don’t you like to eat anything special? Do you know which food you like most? Then make some time and cook for you only and enjoy yourself. After all you are a human too, not a serving machine for all.