Monday, February 10, 2014

All have to live well, if you want to live well.

On this earth, both constructive and destructive works is going on at the same time. Few people working hard to make good and some are giving full attention to make good only for them (hurting others). Some people are looking for another home on other planet. These works are very expensive. If any how they can build a new home for earth people that will be too expensive too. Only those people who have money and power might take this opportunity. So, what might happen? If they decide, only they will survive and others have to be destroyed then they can destroy this earth and escape to new planet. But you know everywhere you will need people to grow food, to construct town, make dresses and other things. Actually people can’t live alone. You can’t live well by only making good things for you. We are all in same eco system. We all have to live well, if we really want to live well.
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