Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Finally mom wins on the sunglass

Shafeen likes to take and do whatever he saw that his mates are doing in the school. For few days he was saying he has to take his sun glass to school. I said, OK, you can take your sun glass to wear on the road to school, but inside school. He didn't agree with it. He wants to wear it even in the class. Anyway as we couldn't come to one point, Shafeen couldn't take his sun glass to school.

Day before yesterday one of his class mate Kyaan took her sun glass to school. After the class they were playing in front of the school. And somehow one of her class mate broke it. She was very disheartened and starts crying loudly. Shafeen saw this. Now I got a big point. I asked him, do you still like to take your sunglasses to school. He replied, NO (he had seen enough).
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