Sunday, January 4, 2015

The silent witness of this world

We are becoming the silent witness of this world. Everyday somewhere war or killing (like war) is going on. Every day in many places some environment destruction work is going on. Every moment somewhere on this earth, inhumanity is going on. Every day somewhere cheating is happening... how long we can shout or make something to prevent. For which reasons a person can take action? Well after sometime we all became silent watcher. We have said enough, tried a lot and no change. Now we became too tired to say more when we know no one is going to listen or care.

Again we can say, we might not able to stop all violence or bad work. But we can prevent some or something, may be a tiny bit. If we don't try anything, nothing is going to happen. But if we try for good, may be some change will come. If we have hope then we might gain something... We can't give up. That may worsen the situation.

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