Saturday, April 4, 2015

Store your pictures before your hard disc crashes

It’s digital pictures era. Now a day, we don’t take analog pictures and so we don’t need to count how many pictures we had already taken and how many left. Photo quality has also increased.

But everything has some negative side. As we take digital pictures, it kept pictures in digital form in a soft copy. So, if you want to put your pictures in photo album, we need to print and make a hard copy of the picture.

Who wants to make this extra job? So, we take pictures and store it in our hard disc. I did the same. But one day for some reason my hard disc crashed. I have lost all the pictures. It really hurts when I had lost all of my collection.

So, my request is, if you like to take pictures then please use DVD disc too to store them. Every month if you store your pictures in DVD disc then it will be a good routine work for your passion and safety of your photo collections. You can keep some on the online photo album too. 
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