Sunday, July 7, 2013

About birthday

Yesterday was Shafeen’s(My 4 and half year old son) uncle’s (my youngest sister’s husband) birthday. Shafeen enjoyed the simple arrangements. But he has some questions about this birthday. I answered him as much as I can but seems his uncle also needs to answer one. Here they are

Shafeen asked, we didn’t celebrate birthday, why are we leaving? That means we still didn’t eat cake. I told him, your uncle has grown up enough not to cut a birthday cake. But my son didn’t agree, he said, uncle must feed us a cake. Now Shafeen’s uncle, you will face him next.

Shafeen also said, why didn’t I bring a toy for his uncle? I replied your uncle isn’t a kid; we bring toys for only kids. Shafeen somehow agreed OK, but please bring toy for me, a gun, which has life saving shield…….. And many more feature. I replied OK.

Shafeen also asked why his (Shafeen’s) birthday isn’t coming, why others are celebrating only. I replied, son, you have to wait, till your birth date comes. He said it’s not fair.
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