Monday, November 18, 2013

My experience about home maid

You need management power everywhere in your life. Trust me, everywhere you have to handle things and manage properly. Otherwise, everything may go against you and make your life miserable. Like you have to make good management with your family life, working life, relatives, neighbors etc. Even with your home maid. Both you have to learn, how to work alone and done everything well. Otherwise learn how to manage your home maid.

My maid works OK. She has good behavior. And every month she takes 10 to 15 days paid leave. Actually she works half of the month with full payment. After 4/5 months I said, I won’t let you continue this. I can accept 2/3 days leave every month, not 15 days. So, from this month I will cut your salary. She said she won’t do this mistake again. I thought from next day she will leave my house and will start working to other home (home maid has very good demand in this city). But she came and continues working. Till November 16, she was absent for only 1 day. But from last two days, she is absent again.
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