Friday, September 26, 2014

To learn riding bicycle, you should remove those training wheels first.

When I was a kid, we lived in Saudi Arabia. Just beside our house there was another child who was only 1 year junior than. Her name is Tina and obviously we became very good friend. Her parents once bought her a bicycle. I saw, and felt it's OK. I knew she had many toys which I didn't. But my parents thought I was upset so they buy another bicycle, same as her (didn't find other design). My mom told me, when you learn how to ride a bicycle, we will remove both safety wheels.

But the truth is, if those wheels remains, then no body learn riding a bicycle. So, I didn't know how to ride a bicycle, my elder sister's son Tameem also ride this same cycle and he didn't learn too. But my younger brother learned very quickly, because he removed those safety/training wheels.

My son also is riding the same bicycle. I asked him, should I remove those little wheels? He scared and said, NO.
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