Thursday, August 15, 2019

I can talk, when I know the person is listening.

I don’t like to talk to any angry person. I better stay silent and let them think that they win. Sometimes I just say OK/Yes to make them calm down.

In a conversation, if the other person gets angry, I can feel that the person is not able to think properly or give me a logical answer. They will just argue to win to feel better. I don’t want to argue a person like that.

I can only talk, when I know the person is listening. They might agree with me or not. They will have a good logic behind that, and they will express that nicely.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Haters shouldn’t be responsible for health care.

I think, there is a major problem in Saskatoon hospitals. I went to the hospital about 3 times in 4 years. And I have seen it every time. There must be something that needs to improve.
I had unbearable pain in stomach, I went to the ER in the hospital. There I had to wait for 4 hours with this pain before doctor can see me. While I saw a man vomiting continuously with headache and other people was suffering from other problems. I have also seen nurses and doctors were making jokes and having fun together right beside these patients. They were laughing loudly. I never felt such helpless like that. You are lucky that you don’t have any problem, but you should respect other’s situation. At least in front of them.

You know what, this is not even the main problem that I am going to mention.

I saw, police bring a lady. Probably she had been raped. Police put their own jacket on her to cover her body. On the way to the operation theater one doctor was laughing and saying to the police, “Why didn’t you put her bigger jacket? It’s their right!” Then again, he laughed out loud. Police didn’t say anything, just smiled. The lady was an aboriginal.

My son was coughing with blood. We took him to the hospital. The doctor came, he was behaving very rude with my 9-year-old son, the way he was asking questions, like he was scolding him. Right beside my son’s bed, there was a same age white boy. The doctor was very nice and polite with him. We are the immigrant from Bangladesh.

I was lying in a bed at the emergency room’s corridor. I was in pain and feeling cold, but no body gave me any cushion or blanket on me. After hours one nurse noticed my condition and gave me pillow and blanket.

After 2.5 years, I was having breathing problem. I was lying at emergency room, attaching with heart and pressure monitor. Because of my problem monitor was beeping. An old lady was there beside my bed. She felt disturbed for that beeping. So, she called a nurse and asked, “Is it my monitor that is beeping”. The white male nurse said, “No, it hers”. Then he came to my area and turned off the beeping. Like if anything goes wrong with me, it won’t beep, and I may die. That’s OK, but no white people should get disturb. Later when things go worse, I had to call a passer by and ask my nurse to come and check me. She came and give me medicine with doctor’s concern and turned all machine on again.

Later when I get release, I wanted to talk with my doctor about medicine. That white nurse said, “You can take Advil Strength, if you have problem again”. I went to Walmart next day and found that Advil Strength has Gelatin, which is not Halal and we Muslims avoid it. He knew it, because I was wearing Hijab/covering my head with head scarf.

I think this mentality won’t change in a day. We need to do some workshop with health region employees including doctor’s and nurses to minimize this problem. Haters shouldn’t be responsible for health care.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Group travel vs traveling alone

I believe everything has a positive side. For example, you may like to see new places on this Earth. So, you travel. And you know very well that because of your travel partner, your travel experience may differ.
You may travel with different groups. Then you will find, travel experience with each group is different.
When you travel any place with a group, even in an unattractive place, you will find it funny only because you are with a bunch of people. If you are traveling alone, then the place must have something to make you happy.
Again, if you are traveling in a group, you must adjust with everything with the group. In some cases, for a very small reason you my get hurt or someone may get hurt because of you. If you are traveling alone, you don’t have to worry about anything. But sometimes you may feel lonely.
Any group work means you must face more trouble and will have more fun. Alone work means less trouble, less fun.
Now choice is yours. It depends on how much you can adjust with others to have fun 😉

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Using bug spray in summer

In Canada, people, who lives long are mostly from Saskatchewan. They live more than 100 years. We can assume this area has the healthiest environment in the country. As far as I understand this area doesn’t have industries like other big cities. Here mostly we have prairie fields with crops.
No wonder, in the healthy area’s bugs will be also be very healthy. When I first came here, I surprised by watching the size of mosquitoes. They are big, and if you have one bite, you will feel it for days.
So, in summer, no matter where you go out, in a park, beside the river or just to visit your neighbor, I will suggest you, put some bug spray before you leave. Especially to kids.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

How to make people listen

When you are in management, you must know how to make people work, what needed to be done. Sometimes you will feel that if you do it, it will be done in much better way. But remember, you have limited time, you have another task to do. And, other people also must learn to work.
It’s not easy to make people work in time and efficiently. Some people are very honest and dedicated in their work. If you teach them how the work supposes to be done, they will always follow that. But some are not like that. They may don’t want to follow your instruction, want to put you down, or just lazy.
 Some people don’t need to be told, they know what they must do, and they make it happen. Again, some people are not like that, you must ask them to do it, other wise they will think, you didn’t notice so they can escape the work.
Some listen after one reminding. Some need to be told again and again. Few people are more disturbing, you must work them, other wise they won’t work.
As a manager you must know, with whom you can relay. It’s difficult to run a business with lazy and dishonest people. But this is the real world, you must live with them.
Personally, I don’t like to ask people more than once to do any task. Especially at home, I ask once. If that person listens, fine. Otherwise If I can make time, I will do it by myself, if can’t then let it be unfinished.
In work, I will suggest finding a way, which people will listen, try to change work responsibility, add some reward. I listen to people, so that they will listen to me too. These tips may work.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Friend, for ever

I always wanted a friend, who’s brain IQ will be matched with mine. I like intelligent people. No, there won’t be any test. You can feel this, when you talk with someone. Someone makes you feel that you can talk about anything with them, you can share any good or bad news, that person can help you or at least give you suggestion. That person will be there for you always. You can call that person anytime, anywhere by asking for help or just for hangout.

But in real life, the people who were in that position, didn’t stay, didn’t tell me why they left. I assume I had irritated them too much or couldn’t full fill their expectation.

So bottom line is, I don’t have any best friend.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rule followers face more trouble

I always follow rules. Like driving rules, school rules, work area rules, meeting rules etc. I try to follow all given procedure. I believe rules has been made to make good for all and for safety.
But the way I am finding myself in trouble. I think, may be because I am following rules too much. I have seen people who just pass rules for their own benefit, they make things easy for them and live happy. No one can put them in trouble.
Though I am not going to change, I will be honest always. It just hurts me.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Easy rule for love

If you love someone, that’s great.
If that person didn’t love you back, even better.
Let them go, set yourself free from them and enjoy your life 100%.
May be someday the person who truly loves you will be with you.

If you think you can’t live without them,
Then go and get them.
Keep trying, never give up. Probably you will have them.

If not, then after death, at least you can say, I tried.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Friends who left

If you found your friend leave you, just because they had heard something from outside. Didn’t care to talk with you. Then trust me, they never meant for you. The truth is outsiders rescued you by taking them from you. There is a saying,” It’s better to have intelligent enemy than a stupid friend”

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How could he think like that?

Once in a week my son attends the “Electric club” in his school. Now a day he is making traffic light with a battery. Didn’t get chance to see it as he said, he still has a little to finish it up.
Today he had the electric club day, so I didn’t show up in his school to pickup him on regular time. I was planning to go 45 minutes later, to give him enough time to complete his work in the club. After 30 minutes I have got a call from school. Shafeen called me, “Where are you?”.

I: “I am at home”

Son: “Why didn’t you come to pickup me?”

I: “Today you have the electric club, didn’t you go there?” (I was thinking he might have forgotten to go to that room)

Son: “No, that class has been canceled” (Previously, whenever this club class canceled, his class teacher emailed me. Today I didn’t get any news)

I: “OK, I am on my way. From next, if you have any class dismissed, please call me immediately.”
Son: “OK”

While I was driving back him to home, I asked, “What did you think, when you didn’t see me on time?” I was assuming he might though I am in trouble.


I started thinking, how could he think like that. I never forget to pickup him up. How could he come up with this idea!