Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rain and rickshaw puller

Sometimes people make you fall in such situation that suddenly you can’t decide what to do next. Few days ago I went to “Mina Bazaar”, Shanti Nagar. To return home I took a rickshaw. And when we came at the circle of Razar bagh Police line, Rain started. I don’t have problem with rain, but the rickshaw puller take the rickshaw near footpath. I said, if you don’t have plastic shelter, then no problem, I can sit without it. But he laughed and run to the big tree and takes shelter under it. I surprised and asked, won’t you ride in the rain. He moved his head left and right. Fine, I sat with taka 1500 bazaar and keep waiting. In the mean time many rickshaw puller came and take shelter under that tree and kept their rickshaw beside me. I thought what I am doing? Sitting with them and getting wet and let them watch me and whisper each other. I start looking for another rickshaw. Found one and get on it. Before going towards my home, call the previous rickshaw puller and gave some money…
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