Monday, November 25, 2013

Woman, you have to live like a second class citizen, otherwise you may leave

As a wife, in our country, you have to live like a second class citizen (in many cases you can use the term slave), otherwise you may leave. And if you leave, mostly the other woman (mainly married) will say you are the bad woman.

Let me give you an example, why I said like a second class citizen. Say your mother in law gave you two eggs with a packet of bread to make Toast (Bombay toast) for 7/8 people. After start making the food, you found, two eggs are not enough, so you went to the refrigerator and see 4 eggs available. You took another two and made all the bread toast. People liked your food, but suddenly you heard, your mother in law started screaming with his boys (including your husband). You could guess, it was about the extra eggs that you took.

Then your husband came to your room with upset face, took his money bag and went out to shop. He brought some more eggs for his mom. Though, he is giving all the bills and rent of the house and his brother giving the food expenses. But if you touch any food, your husband has to give the food cost too.

So, you have no right on anything. You are not the main member of the house. You just have to stay, eat food and listen to others.
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