Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cost cutting

Whether it is office or home, budget management is somewhat same. When price increases and not your income; you have to adjust it with your expenses. I tried many methods to make it better. Like:

-  Sacrifice me and my son’s many things where I thought we can live without it.

- Stop buying luxury things for both of us.

- Star buying things after it finishes. Like when I knew that within few days my toothpaste will be finished, I use to bought it. Now a day, I wait till it finishes. Because many times I have seen, things goes more than I expect.

- Many times my mom and other relative sends food for me. So if I use it properly, it will reduce my food cost.

- Stopped taking food from outside (like junk food)

- Stopped going anywhere for recreation.

- Stopped inviting and serving food without any occasion.

- Will stop buying baby products, like baby soap, shampoo etc. All of us will use same products.

Lets see how nicely I can manage everything.
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