Thursday, May 9, 2013

Long live computers

Shafeen was 1 year and 8 months old when the picture was taken.

My son needed diaper for long time, till he became 3 and half years old. I was very tense for this condition. Couldn't find out the way how to give him potty training. From 5 months of his age, I bought potty. But he denied doing anything with it. When he became 2 years old, I took him to Bashundhara city shopping complex and ask him to choose any potty he wants and I will buy it for him. He chooses one which has duck head. Fine, I bought it for him. But again he didn't use it. I told him I will give you chocolate, if you use potty. Didn't work. I started reading articles how to give potty training on net. My sisters started laughing at me, but I really needed to know how to solve this problem. You know “mummy’s poko pant” isn't cheap. And I have also read that till 4 years old, it’s natural to use diaper and on those days, he was 3 years old. By this time my son gets addicted with computer, for game and drawing (Photoshop, pain, Ms Word etc). So, I started blackmailing him. If you don’t tell me that you need to go to the toilet, you will be banned to touch the computer for the rest of the day. Now the magic happens. My son doesn't want to miss to touch the computer. He started using toilet. Long live computers.

After that he didn't give me any pain regarding this matter. Now if he needs to go to the toilet even when he is in deep sleep, he woke up and tells me to take him to toilet. My next training was easy to teach him how to use toilet without mommy. He learnt, but don’t want to do all heavy work (?) by him always. But it’s OK  I hope soon he will like to be independent by himself.

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