Friday, May 17, 2013

Now we can’t see anything through window

Shafeen (he was 1 year and 9 months old) studying on the desk in front of a window, on those days he could view the road and other sights from this window. Now we can see only wall.

The city (Dhaka) is changing every day, very rapidly. When I was a child I have seen many low places in every area which looked like a pond. On those days when people looked for land they first asked is it a high land (where rain water won’t stand). But things changed a lot. Now people felt lucky if they get any land which is near Dhaka. Inside Dhaka and empty land, became impossible. Houses are made with the least gap. In some houses you can touch other building if you just expand your hand through your window. Our life is becoming like a farmed chicken. Where we had to live in a small space and spend the rest of the life in there and then some day die.

Shafeen (my 4 years old son) use to sit on this desk (once it was my reading desk) and study (in his own way) and play. Sometimes he just sits and looks outside and sees the cars on the road. Those days are gone. Now he can only see a wall. No chance to get any sunlight.
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